Friday, November 25, 2011

At the speed of light or day

So here we are, New Zealand. The End. Well we will be heading to Auckland this weekend with a stop near Whangarei. We are in Opua and have been here for about a week at this point. The last passage was cold and very slow. It gave us some of our slowest days, about 38 nautical miles I think. Lisa and Leslie will drive down to Auckland while Andy and I take Aldebaran down the coast to her new slip in Auckland. Carl will be hitching a ride down with a friend on Monday. Between now and Christmas we will be posting everything that has been left out, including a couple hundred photos from Suwarrow, Niue, Tonga, and New Zealand. As well as some posts that were written along the way that never quite made it online and some photos from the early days of working on the boat.

So there you have it. We sailed to New Zealand.

Thanks to Graham and Annette for providing us with
the means to gorge ourselves on hot water  and snacks.
And for snapping this pick on our arrival

Friday, November 4, 2011

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Monday, October 24, 2011

This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That

So it looks like this will be our last post before New Zealand. It's been a pretty incredible experience. When we first set out from Ventura our imaginations were the source of all of our fear and excitement. Now, as we prepare for this last leg, it's our experiences that fuel our mixed emotions. On this passage we still have one or two remote places to stop and the trip's potentially roughest leg makes up the final few days of sailing into Opua.  
I'm writing this from the dock as we fill our water tanks for the last time. We're all provisioned up, tanks almost full, and anxious to to reach our destination. Hopefully you have enjoyed our photos and ramblings. We've enjoyed creating them. 
If at any point over the next two to three weeks you are wondering what we are feeling just hold your breath and stare into the sun. 

Thanks for following along.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Field Report #17

Bora Bora
And again
Bora Bora yacht club
And again
Get ready for a few of these
in the dinghy
And that concludes this sunset series
"Nice mountain Bora Bora"
It's gonna get special here
The mighty C
Let's go fly a kite
There it is
This is what happens when Leslie and I go wandering
And then we hitch
....and get into sketchy vans
This is not Carl, but had we endured the rain and wind we would have this exact photo.
So pretend I never told you it wasn't carl
Vegan cinnamon rolls
Beach of the green squishy stuff
Raleigh ditching us
The back side of Bora Bora
Coral garden

Poaching the Sofitel bar
Provisioning in the rain
Food under the tarp, now bail rain water!
If you look closely you will see Lisa kicking water overboard
Raleigh ate a mango pit. To the vet!
The yacht club dock and packing up the kayaks
The other way round
He loves baths

Monday, October 17, 2011

Field Report #16

Let the Journey begin
No way, the first car that passed picked up the six of us
It was a truck
Don't worry we didn't read this
Ready for her first day of school
To the top!
Doesn't this look like a photoshopped bigfoot photo?
All style
The first time we considered quitting
Why would we quit?
Loving it
Getting steep
And a little steeper

Hating it
"My foot hurts"
Water please
Getting there
Last stop before the top
Pony, the king of Bora Bora
A little steeper still
The last few feet were the sketchiest by far
Still loving it
We win!
Still winning
Debbie looks so small!
"Come here often"

Much needed rest
Butt slides down the top
Not a bad spot
So much worse coming down
I fell right here and had the camera
Our guide, "Chewy"
A little victory mango
And then we borrowed Adam and Eve's dinghy to save on paddling