Sunday, January 8, 2012

Field Report #20

More fish
I think you can see 6 of the 13 sharks that were here for this photo
See kids, this is why you don't do drugs
Carl getting knee deep in clam
John cleaning....well a coconut, but this is when they were clamming
This is the crew of Sayonara. We met them in the Marquesas 
John in his element
It's not coming back. In Tonga we talked to a local and he
 magically turned our busted outboard into beers for the Rugby World Cup game.
that's how you sharpen a machete
The "Monterey Bug"
She's not pretty
Some Uto nuts
John and James put on another potluck, and they both made some local dishes for us.
Carl using our new found coconut skills
It will really be one our favorites for a long time to come
The dinghy at night was always fun
Remember all those flags hanging in the "yacht club"?
Well we weren't going to leave without leaving our mark
Here's the whole gang
Lee cooks up our parting gift from John
Nervous? You've gone all flushed
Raleigh doing his chores
That's korma in a coconut shell bowl
A bit of chafe on the gennaker which leslie fixed right up. To bad we rapped it around the rudder
There's a car on that thing
Moonrise was often just as spectacular as sunrise. But this photo is a little late for that.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Field Report #19

So this is a big post. Hopefully you computer doesn't choke.
Carl went fishing most days with John
This got got caught napping
Have you ever eaten trumpet fish?
Kind of ridiculous that this is even here
The big swing
An evening of socializing was had.....
...and it continued on the boat.
Time to feed the sharks
more sharks
don't ever do this before swimming
See, I told ya
The potluck dinner
digging in
Hammocks in paradise. If anyone knows someone at Corona,
we are willing to sell this photo for advertising
Yoga in the hut
Roasting coffee with James
Then you drink it
Rules for walking on the reef
Andy always has be a smarty
Walky walky walky
Great hair day
Something important, I'm sure
Lisa dropped her contact
Sooty tern?
Bird of paradise?
Notice the little red tail? Carl loved it
I am really getting burnt on captions
Look at that view
A long walk in ankle deep water will slow you down pretty well
Except James, he's unstoppable