Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mayans Made Me Do It

So after a few months of high speed internet I have finally caught up on all of the new internet from last year. Here are some photos you may have seen by now (unless you live near me). Oh and I meant this would be done by Christmas 2012 (duh).

These happened Here

Go easy on me, it's my first captions in months.
Dinghy crane
The mooring field in Nuie
I remember her
It really wasn't that steep
A serious hazard and a trench digger
One of many "sea tracks", or short walks to the beach
and again
This place was cool
Now that's a latter
Cave dweller
Weird frogs
We were there
I REALLY liked this latter
Andy is currently NOT this tan
The crew
Lisa walks like Charlie Brown 
The cricket field we drove through
See the stairs in there?
It's a sign
More from the "Pool of the Kings" (did I make that up?) in the next post

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